Adding a touch of class

to a new style of Target

Target Logo

Target required a new level of sophistication for their brand.

While working at AJF Partnership I have advised and worked on various digital projects for Target Australia.  This includes helping select new brand partners, redirecting the look and feel of content on the Target website and also creating microsites such as one that promotes their new approach to sustainability.


A Better Target Microsite

With the recent huge spike in digital users to the Target website, they required a digital portal that showed they have aligned to customers new need for better, deeper, more meaningful and convenient experiences.

After careful user and client analysis, this took the form of a microsite that covered such topics as sustainability, the future, and product testing.

As part of the microsite build I applied new, more modern colours, font styles and layouts. These were aligned to the newly launched brand guidelines.

This new page style has now filtered through to the current site, creating a more clean and sophisticated look.

Target Microsite Example

Despite being a microsite the approach to UX and UI remained the same as a new website.

With such an important new area of the website being created it was necessary to apply the same design principles as a fresh new website, as Target’s audience was changing due to an increase digital users and a reduction in retail shops.

The process began with data anaysis, understanding the audience, competitior analysis of similar content and defining basic personas.

Then user journeys and wireframes were created before moving on to design where a design system was created and copywriters added copy.  Finally relevant video and imagery was sourced.  

Once all the UI and content was complete this was then handed to the Target developers with clear direction on style, layout and structure.

Target Microsite Example

The Better Target microsite shows customers we’re on a journey to improve people, processes and the environment together.

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