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Creating the Jeep Partners Program

Jeep required a new system to entice businesses to consider Jeep as their preferred fleet vehicle. I lead this project while working at Digital Dialogue, the digital partner for FCA Australia.

Since Jeep is mainly viewed as an 'off-road' brand we had a difficult task, as we had to initially reorientate the customers viewpoint and then provide financially agreeable purchasing solutions.

By having a complete understanding of our audience, the solutions became easily apparent.

Due to our close and open relationship with Jeep, we had frequent meetings during the discovery phase to truly understand who our audience were and how Jeep can provide for their fleet vehicle needs, also with an abundance of analytics data -pre and post launch- we could easily streamline the exploration and purchasing journey.

The final digital product was a subsite nested in the website; which allowed users to browse Jeeps lineup of vehicles and learn the benefits and savings that could be gained by making use of the Jeep Partners Program.

Jeep Partners Page Example.

The launch was an instant success.

The success of the launch became immediately apparent with an assortment of businesses promptly signing up and partaking in the program. It has also continued to be beneficial for customers and the Jeep business by streamlining business partnerships and educating business owners on the benefits of the Jeep brand.


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Jeep Partners Page Example.
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